Transit TV - They thought it up, but no wanna maintain, misc;


Sorry Krystal/Safety Zone ya gotta hear this, misc, but (?0 gotta say something. Uh, would you please TRY and maintain your TV's on public transit buses?

Uh, yeah. Whatever . . .

blackedout screens, yaw doing system scan's during day instead of middle of night, not to mention that Microsoft Windows 2000 or (?) system of yours OUGHT to be Windows 7 - this day in age. Then there's a lack of closed captioning. 2013, and ??? acting like it's (???) year back in the day.

You thought it up! But oh, we rider's are the tripper's right? Huh, yeah, whatever. And (?) call yourselves techies huh?

Yeah, whatever you wanna tell yourselves. Who cares, if (they) ain't running right or misc, fine, take them all out, scrap them OR be right, know what I'm saying, iight. Whatever. Sigh.

And it's cool News 52 in spanish, but Hola, why not news in English. Oh, the regular news ego, misc is too *&^%$# to bother with ya huh?

Hence, why that news with the multiple tv's back drop in the background, ie: Blue or Green screen, huh, yeah, I know, ya kidding me. Never mind, whatever.

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Terrible transit tv


The Los Angeles Metro has Transit TV installed and playing on their buses, loudly. There is nothing quite like being crowded in with hundreds of other people, on a freeway, after a long day at work and having some perky *** telling you about how important it is to wash your hands or the dangers of (I kid you not)candles near your Christmas tree and being stuck that way for well over an hour.

It's played so loudly that it's impossible to block out.

Transit TV calls bus riders a "captive audience" on their website and they aren't wrong.

It's like a case study in how to induce claustrophobia.

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Transit TV is so annoying


I am complaining about Transit TV because it is annoying and it not necessary for Metro buses to have. It exists on most Metro buses in Los Angeles County but some buses will lack monitors which is better buses to ride that the ones with a monitor.

Transit TV is a marketing company that runs contests that have annoying content and they never change. They should change as soon as possible if they want to stay in the marketing business. It does not change except news stories provided by AP. Contests stay the same and they are so annoying like the "Exercise Your Ear" one.

To avoid annoyance, I have to use my iPhone to listen to pop music. It claims to broadcast entertainment but it broadcast *** instead. If ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC can change, why can't Transit TV change? LACMTA (Metro) should remove the monitors and just rely on ad banners on buses since most of the transit agencies use that instead of Transit TV to raise revenue.

I don't know who decided to install Transit TVs on Metro buses but they are not necessary. And to Transit TV, please change so I can have a better ride on the bus.

Reduce the number of contests because they are annoying and it not funny. Adjust the volume to a library setting.

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